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How Safe is the Buttock & Thigh Lift Procedure?

All forms of surgery carry some amount of risk. Buttocks and thigh lift procedures are generally safe when performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Kearney is a certified plastic surgeon from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and also as a general surgeon by the American Board of Surgery. His double-board certification affords him an abundance of training and experience. His reputation in San Diego has rewarded him recognition as a top plastic surgeon for several years running.

Risks associated with the buttocks and thigh lift are similar to those associated with other plastic surgery procedures. These include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Poor wound healing
  • Skin loss
  • Unfavorable scarring

Who is an ideal candidate for Buttock Lift & Thigh Lift Surgery?

You may be a candidate for a thigh or buttock lift if:

  • You have loose, excess or sagging skin on your buttocks and/or inner and outer thigh area. Weight gain and loss (often from massive weight loss), heredity and aging can all be attributing factors.

How long does the Buttock Lift & Thigh Lift Surgery Take?

Each procedure, when performed independently, can take about two hours. As a combination surgery, it may take twice that long to reduce unwanted fat and tighten the skin in both areas. Before surgery, Dr. Kearney will review the expected surgical time and answer last-minute questions. An informed patient is a confident patient!

Buttock & Thigh Lift Procedure

Dr. Kearney performs thigh/buttock lifts under general anesthesia and patients can often go home the day of the procedure although in some cases, an overnight hospital stay may be advisable. The excess skin is pulled up, tightened and surgically removed. Incisions are usually made around the circumference of each thigh and along the groin area.

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What is the recovery process like after Buttock & Thigh Lift Surgery?

San Diego patients are sent home in a compression garment to help reduce swelling and assist in the natural tightening and shrinking of the skin. Most bruising and swelling generally subside within 3 weeks and most patients can return to work 10-14 days after their procedure. Strenuous activities are usually possible in 4-6 weeks following the surgery and return to normal activity within 4 to 6 weeks.

What Results Can I Expect From Buttock & Thigh Lift Surgery?

The expected outcome of a thigh and buttock lift is to have tighter, more attractive thigh and buttock skin, improved contour and decreased irregularity in the skin surface.

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Are the results of a Buttock Lift & Thigh Lift Surgery permanent?

The results of your buttock and thigh lift can be appreciated right away after your procedure. However, it can take several weeks to see the full extent of sculpting that has been accomplished. This is due to natural swelling and bruising of the surgical site. As these side effects subside, you can expect to see smoother, tighter, more sculpted contours and potentially less cellulite, as well.

Buttocks and thigh lift surgery offers lasting results. Provided that your weight does not change significantly, either in gains or losses, you can expect your new shape to sustain for 10 to 20 years. Over time, tissues will relax due to the natural aging process. How quickly and how severely this occurs is largely dependent on the skin’s elasticity. It can be beneficial to avoid smoking, sun exposure, and weight gain or loss to help prolong the results of this procedure.

Will I Have Scarring After A Buttock & Thigh Lift?

Although they will fade with time and become less noticeable, these procedures do leave a visible scar.

When will I be able to sit down after my Buttock Lift & Thigh Lift Surgery?

It is normal to have bruising, swelling, and discomfort and a buttocks and thigh lift. The areas may feel tender and sore, but these side effects can be managed well by taking prescription pain medication as directed. The skin and tissue are also supported by compression garments. It can take several weeks for the tissue to fully heal and, for at least the first week of recovery, patients are advised to avoid sitting down as they normally would. Dr. Kearney can discuss exactly how to position the body for the best surgical outcome.

How will I be able to sleep after my Butt Lift & Thigh Lift?

You should not lie flat on your back after having a buttocks lift. This can feel challenging, so we recommend “playing” with other accommodations before surgery. For example, some patients are able to become comfortable sleeping on the stomach by placing various firm cushions and soft pillows beneath them. It may be beneficial to purchase a special pillow for front-sleeping, and to also consider how to most comfortably lie down while watching television or visiting so that you do not put undue strain on your neck.

How soon after a Butt Lift and Thigh Lift can I start exercising?

Patients are advised to take it easy for at least two weeks following their procedure. It is important to be deliberate and careful about movement for this time, and is ideal to have someone stay with you for at least a few days. Two to three weeks after surgery, once you are no longer taking prescription pain medication, you may resume driving as you are comfortable. You may resume light exercise and increase physical activity gradually beginning eight weeks after the procedure.

Can I Combine this Procedure with Other Surgeries?

Yes. It is not uncommon for patients to combine their buttocks and thigh lift surgery with other contouring procedures. Examples include a tummy tuckarm lift, or breast lift. The right combination of lift procedures can improve the appearance and proportions of the body as a whole, especially after significant weight loss.

Patients should keep in mind that there are limitations to the number of procedures that can be performed in a single surgery. The limitations are to manage the risks associated with the amount of time a person is under general anesthesia. If you are interested in more comprehensive body contouring after weight loss or due to the signs of aging, Dr. Kearney can devise a treatment plan just for you.

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