Buttock Lift & Thigh Lift

Buttock Lift & Thigh Lift in San Diego & La Jolla

You may be a candidate for a thigh or buttock lift if:

  • You have loose, excess or sagging skin on your buttocks and/or inner and outer thigh area. Weight gain and loss (often from massive weight loss), heredity and aging can all be attributing factors.

What To Expect During Buttock Lift & Thigh Lift Procedure

Buttock and Thigh Lift San Diego

Dr. Kearney performs thigh/buttock lifts under general anesthesia and patients can often go home the day of the procedure although in some cases, an overnight hospital stay may be advisable. The excess skin is pulled up, tightened and surgically removed. Incisions are usually made around the circumference of each thigh and along the groin area. Although they will fade with time and become less noticeable, these procedures do leave a visible scar. The expected outcome of a thigh and buttock lift is to have tighter, more attractive thigh and buttock skin, improved contour and decreased irregularity in the skin surface.

Recovery From Butt And Thigh Lift

San Diego patients are sent home in a compression garment to help reduce swelling and assist in the natural tightening and shrinking of the skin. Most bruising and swelling generally subside within 3 weeks and most patients can return to work 10-14 days after their procedure. Strenuous activities are usually possible in 4-6 weeks following the surgery and return to normal activity within 4 to 6 weeks.

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