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Eyelid Lift in San Diego & La Jolla

Sagging eyelids can make you appear tired all the time and can even interfere with your vision. Excess skin on the lower eyelids can make you look older. To address sagging skin on the eyelids and around the eyes, Dr. Kearney performs eyelid surgery on his patients in San Diego and La Jolla.

What is an eyelid lift?

An eyelid lift, also known as blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the eyelids and rejuvenates the area around the eyes. Specifically, it treats drooping and sagging upper eyelids, excess skin and fine wrinkles on the lower eyelids, bags under the eyes, and excess fatty deposits in both eyelids. A blepharoplasty gives patients a more youthful, rested look.

What can I expect during the eyelid lift procedure?

During an upper eyelid surgery, the incision is made in the natural fold of the lid, and excess skin and fat are removed. For lower eyelid surgery the incision is made below the lower lashes or inside the eyelid, depending on the patient’s preference. Excess skin and fat are then removed. If the incision is made inside the eyelid, no external scar will be present after surgery.

What can I expect post procedure and what is the recovery time for blepharoplasty?

Patients usually go home the same day of their surgery. Expect to have some bruising and swelling for a week or two. Sutures are typically removed within a week. Most blepharoplasty patients can resume work within a week and get back to their regular activities within three to four weeks. Patients may wear contact lenses again when it is comfortable for them to do so – usually within a week.

Will I Have Scars After My Eyelid Lift?

Surgical scars are inevitable because the skin is cut to achieve the necessary improvements. Dr. Kearney performs all surgical procedures using the most discreet, conservative incision patterns possible. For upper blepharoplasty procedures, this usually involves short incisions in the natural crease of the lid. A lower blepharoplasty incision may be made right along the lash line or just inside the lower lid. In each case, upper and lower blepharoplasty, the scars that form after surgery tend to be very thin, flat, and light. They aren't noticeable to anyone who isn't intently looking for them. 

Is Blepharoplasty the Right Procedure for Me?

If your eyes don't look as bright and energetic as they used to, you may be exploring a few different treatment options. Should you get blepharoplasty or turn to injectable treatments to address your concerns? Is an eyelid lift the right approach to addressing what most concerns you? Your consultation with Dr. Kearney will help you find the answers to these questions and more. After listening to your objectives and examining the tissue around your eyes and forehead area, the doctor can discuss whether or not injectables can achieve satisfying improvements. He can also discuss the goals and limitations of the eyelid lift procedure. Sometimes, especially with upper eyelid hooding, the best approach is a brow lift, not an eyelid lift. If you have deep creases at the outer corners of your eyes, this may be an indication of brow ptosis, for which a brow lift or injectables may be the best solution. 

Can I Combine an Eyelid Lift with Other Procedures?

Yes! Eyelid rejuvenation surgery is an excellent compliment to other procedures, including a brow lift, injectables, a facelift, even a neck lift. It's very common for patients to combine various forms of facial rejuvenation. Doing so maximizes treatment outcomes without extending the recovery period. 

Are My Eyelid Lift Results Permanent?

In one way, the results of eyelid surgery are permanent. Skin is removed and does not get replaced with new tissue. Most people who have blepharoplasty surgery never need to have this same procedure repeated. That said, the signs of aging will recur at some point. This may not occur for more than 15 years after the eyelid lift. To maintain optimal tissue behavior, you can wear appropriate sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide hat when you're outdoors. Nonsurgical treatments can also prolong the effects of your eyelid lift. We're happy to talk with you about the best ways to manage your aging skin after blepharoplasty surgery. Just give us a call!

How much does an eyelid lift cost?

Prices vary from patient to patient, depending on the extent of the surgery. To know the exact price of your eyelid lift, please contact us for a consultation.

Financing is also offered by CareCredit with patients able to finance up to $25,000. CareCredit offers our patients 6, 12 and 18 month no interest plans as well as plans with terms of up to 60 months at 14.9%. You can apply today by calling (800) 365-8295 or visiting www.carecredit.com.

San Diego facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kearney, discusses his blepharoplasty procedure techniques and results.

For more information on the eyelid lift procedure in La Jolla and San Diego, or to find out if it is right for you, contact our office today.

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