Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement in La Jolla & San Diego

Breast Augmentation (Breast Enlargement)

Breast enhancement San Diego CADr. Kearney performs breast augmentation under general anesthesia and you may go home the same day. Dr. Kearney makes an incision on the breast (or in the armpit or belly button, depending on what you and he have decided upon) and the implant is then placed either above or below the muscle. Silicone implants come pre-filled which means that a slightly longer incision is made and Dr. Kearney is able to then place the implant through that opening. Saline implants don’t come filled so Dr. Kearney will roll them up and place them through a smaller incision and then fill them once they are in the pocket. Dr. Kearney will sit you up on the table once the implants are placed so he can make sure they are even and make any necessary adjustments to size in saline implants by adding or removing extra saline. Incisions are then sutured and a small bandage is placed. Patients are sent home in a surgical bra. READ MORE INFO »

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Breast Lift

Breast surgery San Diego CAThere are several options for breast lift incisions, depending on your individual circumstances, which you will discuss with Dr. Kearney during your consultation. A concentric lift is done by making an incision just around your nipple-areolar complex and can also reduce the size of your nipples as well as lifting the breast. This procedure is often best for patients that have minimal breast sagging. A standard breast lift is done by making an incision around the areola-areolar complex and then typically runs vertically from the bottom of the areola to the crease underneath the breast and then horizontally in the crease below this breast. READ MORE INFO »

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Incisions are made around the nipple-areolar complex and extend vertically below the nipple and then horizontally along the bottom crease of the breast. This is referred to as an “anchor” incision. The nipple-areolar complex is moved upward to the desired location and excess breast tissue, fat and skin are all removed to create a smaller, more attractive breast. The size of the areolar is reduced during the procedure. With limited breast reduction procedures the scar can sometimes be reduced to a “lollipop” type scar. READ MORE INFO »

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Breast Implant Revision

Breast procedures La Jolla and San Diego CAThere are several options for revision of breast augmentation, depending on your individual circumstances, which you will discuss with Dr. Kearney during your consultation. If implants are simply being removed in order to place a different size, the implants can usually be removed through the original incision and a different size will be placed in the same pocket. READ MORE INFO »

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