Breast Reduction in San Diego, CA

Get breasts that are proportionate to your body

Large breasts are not always a blessing, especially when they start to cause physical and emotional problems and affect the quality of life. Women with large breasts can experience back and neck pain and may be plagued by poor self-image and a lack of self-confidence. The size of their breasts may also prohibit them from engaging in certain physical activities. In these cases, Dr. Kearney performs breast reduction surgery to give these patients more comfortable breast size.

What is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is also known as reduction mammaplasty. The procedure involves the removal of excess skin, fat, and tissue from the breast. Patients undergo a breast reduction to ease discomfort caused by large breasts or to have a breast size that is proportionate to the body.

How can I prepare for breast reduction surgery?

Prior to your breast reduction surgery, you’ll need to stop taking medications that can increase your risk of bleeding, such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs. If you smoke, you’ll need to quit for a few weeks before and after your procedure, as smoking inhibits the healing process. Dr. Kearney will also give you special instructions on what to prepare at home for your recovery.

What can I expect during the Breast Reduction procedure?Portrait Of Smiling Mature Male Doctor Standing By Desk In Office

Breast reduction is done while the patient is under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Dr. Kearney usually makes an “anchor” incision around the nipple-areolar complex. The incision extends vertically below the nipple and then horizontally along the bottom crease of the breast. The nipple-areolar complex is moved upward to the desired position. Excess breast tissue, fat, and skin are then removed. During breast reduction surgery, the size of the areola may also be reduced. The entire surgery usually takes around three hours.

What can I expect after the Breast Reduction procedure?

Patients are usually sent home on the same day of surgery. Light dressings will cover the incisions and the patient with the need to wear a surgical bra to decrease swelling and support the breasts. Any discomfort can be controlled by taking pain medications prescribed by Dr. Kearney. It is also important to note that the procedure may reduce a mother’s breastfeeding ability.

What is the recovery time after Breast Reduction Surgery?

Most patients can return to work within five days and resume normal activities within a month.

What Our Patients Have to Say

“Dr. Kearney is highly accredited, experienced, talented, practical and conservative, making sure that I get the results I want while helping me fully understand procedures and the parameters in which certain results can be attained. His bedside manner is impeccable; I feel comfortable, cared for, and respected in his office and in his presence. I absolutely LOVE my results from the procedures that he has done! He has an uncanny ability to create a natural result where other surgeons would not. I would trust my family under his skilled expertise.” -Bimala Q. 

Video: Dr. Kearney Discusses Breast Reduction

San Diego body contouring surgeon, Dr. Kearney, discusses his breast reduction procedures at his La Jolla plastic surgery practice.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost?

Breast reduction surgery with Dr. Kearney costs around $10,300. Considering the benefits, it is truly worth the price. However, if it is too much for your budget right now, you may opt to finance your surgery. CareCredit offers our patients 6, 12 and 18 months no interest plans as well as plans with terms of up to 60 months at 14.9%. Patients can finance up to $25,000. A “credit card” will be issued to you, which you can swipe in our office or other participating offices. CareCredit is for everyone. Those with less than stellar credit can opt for the co-signer option. For more information on financing for your breast reduction surgery or to apply, call 1-800-365-8295 or visit

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