Breast Implant Revision in La Jolla, San Diego

You may be a candidate for breast revision if:

  • You decide you want different size implants after having already received breast augmentation:
  • You experience capsular contracture (hardening of one or both of your breasts due to the scar capsule squeezing the implant);
  • You have ripples, a deflation or unevenness in size or shape

What If I Have Capsular Contracture?

If you are experiencing capsular contracture then in addition to the implants being removed, Dr. Kearney will also release and remove as much of the old scar tissue or capsule as possible. Some cosmetic surgeons will simply score or cut the old capsule and replace the implant but Dr. Kearney believes that removing as much as the scar capsule as possible will help reduce the risk of a future capsular contracture. Sometimes an additional incision is necessary for this as it is often easier to release the scar tissue through an inframammary incision.

Does a Pocket Revision Fix Breast Implant Unevenness?

Occasionally patients simply need what’s referred to as a “pocket revision” when there is the unevenness of implants. This can occur if one or both breast implants never drop into the intended pocket and therefore ride a bit high on the chest wall. It can also occur if one or both implants bottom out from the intended pocket and end up sitting too low on the chest wall. A pocket revision usually requires an inframammary incision in order for Dr. Kearney to go in and either tighten up and suture the new pocket or to release the old pocket and allow the implants to drop into place.

What Can I Expect During the Recovery Process Following Breast Implant Revision?

Recovery from breast augmentation revision is different than your initial implant placement. Following your procedure, you may experience swelling, bruising, and soreness that should resolve within a few days or weeks. Pain medication will be prescribed if necessary to help control the discomfort. You may also need to wear a supportive bra for several weeks following revision surgery. Your surgeon may suggest avoiding strenuous activities or exercise until your body has had time to heal completely from the procedure.

It is imperative to follow your surgeon's post-operative instructions closely after breast augmentation revision surgery in order to ensure an optimal result and reduce the risk of complications such as infection or implant rupture. During recovery, you will have regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon so they can monitor your progress and make sure you are healing properly.

How Can I Avoid Further Complications From Implants After Implant Revision?

Although breast implant revision can help correct the issues you have experienced with your implants, there are several steps you can take to reduce the risk of future problems. These include:

  • Following all postoperative instructions from your surgeon
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and balanced nutrition
  • Avoiding activities that could cause undue strain on the chest muscles
  • Regularly monitoring for signs of infection or rupture, such as warmth, redness, tenderness, or pain at the implant site
  • Working with an experienced plastic surgeon who understands your specific needs and goals when it comes to breast augmentation revision

By engaging in these preventive measures and working closely with your board-certified plastic surgeon, you will greatly reduce the chances of future issues with your implants following revision surgery.

Will I Experience More Scarring With Breast Implant Revision Surgery?

Most revision surgeries are performed using the same incision sites as your initial breast augmentation, so you should not expect to experience additional scarring. However, if more extensive work needs to be done (such as replacing the implants), then a new incision may need to be made, which could cause some additional scarring.

How Can I Sleep Comfortably After My Procedure?

Sleeping comfortably after your procedure can be challenging, but there are a few tips that may help:

  • It is best to avoid sleeping on your stomach or chest if possible, as this can put undue pressure on the implant site.
  • It is recommended that you sleep with several pillows propping up your back and neck so that you maintain an elevated position that takes the pressure off of your chest.
  • Wearing a supportive bra to bed can be helpful in providing an added layer of comfort and support.

Why Choose Dr. Robert Kearney for Breast Implant Revision?

If you live in the San Diego, CA area and want to work with an experienced provider for your breast implant revision surgery, Dr. Robert Kearney is a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon available to assist with this and other body surgeries at his practice. He has years of experience ensuring men and women have access to high-quality procedures to improve the face and body.

What Our Patients Have to Say

"“Had my breasts done 13 years ago by Dr. Kearney and they still look good! No problems, I would highly recommend him!”"

- Charlene G.

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Dr Kearney and his entire staff were so kind, friendly and professional. They were ready to answer any questions or concerns I had. Dr Kearney was such a nice person. Very friendly and personable.

- Anonymous

My heart will always be grateful to Dr. Kearney for what he’s done to help improve my self image. Since my facelift, I love who I see everyday when I look at myself. I feel refreshed and more alive. The kindness and caring that he gives to his patients is unmatched, and I consider him not only my surgeon but also my friend. He is a gifted surgeon, and an honest man.

- Anonymous

I have been over 14 years with Dr. Kearney. He is amazing and the staff making you feel like you are home. I couldn't imagine a better experience.

- Anonymous

My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Kearney for about 5 years for various cosmetic procedures. I have been extremely happy. Unlike a lot of doctors, he is very easy to talk to AND he is a very skilled surgeon. Dr. Kearney spends a lot of time during each appointment answering questions and explaining details of the procedures. I never feel like he is rushing to get to his next appointment. For me, it is very important to have a doctor that is not only a skilled surgeon and personable. Nobody enjoys going to the doctor, but Dr. Kearney's bedside manner really puts you at ease. Katy, Melissa and the entire staff are terrific as well! Keep up the awesome work!

- C.H.

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The recovery from Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Kearney performs San Diego breast implant removal and replacement under general anesthesia and you may go home the same day. In most cases, the recovery from this procedure is reasonably quick since the implant pockets have already been made. Most patients return to work within a few days following the procedure and may return to normal activities within a few weeks.

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