Want to Improve Your Arms?

Models - 71One of the most difficult parts of our bodies to accept are “flabby arms.”  One morning you wake up, and while brushing your teeth you suddenly see your arms “jiggling” like Jell-O. Or, even worse, when talking with some of your friends they tell you that your arms are “fat.”

You try exercising the arms, you go on a diet, other parts of your body become thin and tight, but not your arms. As time goes by, the situation gets even worse. You think to yourself, “What can I do?”

Once you’ve tried everything you can to reduce the look of jiggly arms it might be time to consider surgical intervention. We perform a plastic surgery procedure that targets this exact problem area; we will give you back the arms you had in prior years.

A consultation is the first step. There you will discuss your expectations and your surgeon will detail your options.

Should you decide to have the procedure, it is a mere matter of taking a few days off work, some healing time, and then you’re ready to show off your new arms to the world.

Everyone’s situation is different. Healing times differ. Pain differs. However, once all is said and done you will be more than satisfied with the results you will see. Your arms will be firm, you will be able to wear sleeveless shirts, you will like the way you look, and no one will know you had work done.

Let’s get past those flabby arms. Call us for an appointment.

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We’ve Moved!

As of Monday, March 1st, 2021 our new address is:
4510 Executive Drive, Suite 103,
San Diego, CA 92121
We’re now in the building just next door to our old one. Instead of turning right off of Executive Drive, you’ll now turn left to go through the parking gate. Although we won’t have reserved spots there is WAY more parking on this side. Our office is on the main floor down the hall to your left when you enter the 4510 building.
Our phone number will be the same: 858.677.9352. We look forward to seeing  you soon!