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Tips for Caring for Your Nose After Rhinoplasty

After nose surgery with Dr. Kearney, you’re anxious to see what your new nose will look like. But you’ll need to have some patience during your recovery. Whether your nose surgery was for cosmetic or functional reasons, the goal is to recover as soon as possible without complications. Dr. Kearney knows that a successful recovery […]

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Here’s Looking at You, Nose

Some things about your body or look can’t be changed. For instance, if you’d like to be taller really the only thing you can do is wear bigger heels. Or if you don’t like the size of your feet, not much to do there. But your nose is not in that category; it can be […]

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The Rhinoplasty Decision: Is It For You?

Aside from the eyes and lips, the nose is the facial feature that most people will initially notice. As a central feature in the face, the nose plays a large role in promoting facial balance and symmetry. A slight alteration in the nose can throw off facial symmetry and make you look older than you […]

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