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Fractional Resurfacing with Radiowaves

Fractional laser resurfacing is not a new procedure. It has been around for about 15 years. The concept is to create hundreds of tiny punctures in the skin to initiate a healing response. The problem with laser fractional resurfacing has been extended periods to resolve the redness that is a byproduct of the laser energy […]

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Fraxel Your Way to Younger Skin

Living in sunny San Diego, we all show the effects of the sun on our skin. While we equate age spots with the sun, the sun’s also responsible for many of our fine wrinkles and loosening skin. Dr. Kearny uses the Fraxel Laser to help remove some of those damaged spots in a gentle, non-invasive […]

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Get Fractional with Your Skin

OK, so you weren’t the biggest fan of fractions back in your days of high school math. That doesn’t mean your skin now isn’t a big fan of fractional treatments, the Fraxel Laser II skin resurfacing treatments, to be exact. Dr. Kearney uses the Fraxel Laser II as a gentle, non-invasive skin rejuvenation method that […]

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