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Implant Revision Surgery — Do You Need It?

Everything has a lifespan. Breast implants are no different. Since they are manufactured, they won’t last forever. When you are considering breast augmentation with Dr. Kearney you do need to take into consideration that, depending upon your age, you’ll need at least two revision surgeries to replace your implants. There are cases where implants last […]

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Reasons Behind Implant Revision

Obviously, when a breast implant ruptures it needs to be replaced. But there are a number of other reasons women come to Dr. Kearney for breast implant revision surgery. Here are the common reasons. Capsular contracture When an implant is placed into the body, there is a reaction, as you would assume. This reaction is […]

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Breast Implant Revision

Surgery isn’t a perfect science. The human body can heal in different fashions with different people. Breast augmentation isn’t immune to variables. There are times when a patient comes to Dr. Kearney for breast implant revision surgery. Sometimes another surgeon may have placed the implants either too close together or too far apart and the […]

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Making a Change — Breast Revision Surgery

There are various reasons a woman may opt to have breast revision surgery. Sometimes, the implants have scar tissue that is tightening around the implant. Sometimes, there may be a desire to change the implant size. Or there may have been a rupture, and the original implants need to be replaced. And in some cases, […]

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We’ve Moved!

As of Monday, March 1st, 2021 our new address is:
4510 Executive Drive, Suite 103,
San Diego, CA 92121
We’re now in the building just next door to our old one. Instead of turning right off of Executive Drive, you’ll now turn left to go through the parking gate. Although we won’t have reserved spots there is WAY more parking on this side. Our office is on the main floor down the hall to your left when you enter the 4510 building.
Our phone number will be the same: 858.677.9352. We look forward to seeing  you soon!