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What is a Mini Facelift?

If a patient has loose or excess skin around the cheek and mouth area, Dr. Kearney may recommend a mini facelift rather than a full, traditional facelift. Mini facelifts are great for patients who have a small to moderate amount of loose skin and want to get a refreshed, younger look without a dramatic recovery. […]

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Go Mini with Your Sagging Lower Face

Everything seems bigger some days. Restaurants serve bigger portions. People live in bigger houses. Everyone wants the bigger car. But some things are perfect mini size. That’s certainly true of Dr. Kearney’s mini facelifts, a surgical procedure that addresses wrinkles and sagging skin on the lower third of the face. Our mini facelift restores definition […]

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Breast Implant Revision for Patients in the San Diego and La Jolla Areas

If you have decided that you want different size implants after receiving a previous breast augmentation procedure, you may want to consider the breast implant revision procedure. There is no need to worry about receiving additional incisions since the implant can be removed through the previous incision and can be replaced with a different sized […]

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