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Get Those Arms Ready for Summer

The skin. It’s the body’s largest organ, so it should get some respect. But it sure is susceptible to the passage of time and the effects of gravity. Your upper arms aren’t immune. As you age, particularly if you’ve gained and lost a good deal of weight, the elasticity in the skin and support tissue […]

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Winter is a Good Time to Shore Up Those Upper Arms

Although winter in San Diego is a far cry from winter in Milwaukee or Boston, it’s still a time where we wear more clothes…even in So Cal. That makes it also a good time to do something about that looseness in your upper arms. An arm lift with Dr. Kearney can do that and you’ll […]

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Don’t Fear that Sleeveless Blouse

As we age, it seems every part of our bodies has developed a little more sashay. It’s because our underlying support tissues and our skin have both become looser as the years have passed. With all of the sleeveless fashions we wear in San Diego, there’s one place where this slackening is most unwelcome — […]

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What’s the Flapping All About!

We all think of our face when we think of visible signs of aging. But what about that flapping that occurs when you raise your hand above your head. You know, your loose upper arms? Yes, loose skin on the underside of our upper arms is a dead giveaway for aging, and in San Diego […]

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Upper Arms Flapping Around? Lift Them!

Nothing stays tight forever. Just think of it. The cushions on your couch — when you bought it, they were firm and supportive. Now, they’re sunken and uneven. Your parking brake in your car — it was tight the last time it was adjusted. Now, you have to pull it all the way up, and […]

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Want to Improve Your Arms?

One of the most difficult parts of our bodies to accept are “flabby arms.”  One morning you wake up, and while brushing your teeth you suddenly see your arms “jiggling” like Jell-O. Or, even worse, when talking with some of your friends they tell you that your arms are “fat.” You try exercising the arms, […]

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We’ve Moved!

As of Monday, March 1st, 2021 our new address is:
4510 Executive Drive, Suite 103,
San Diego, CA 92121
We’re now in the building just next door to our old one. Instead of turning right off of Executive Drive, you’ll now turn left to go through the parking gate. Although we won’t have reserved spots there is WAY more parking on this side. Our office is on the main floor down the hall to your left when you enter the 4510 building.
Our phone number will be the same: 858.677.9352. We look forward to seeing  you soon!