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Fractions Are Your Friend

OK, so maybe you weren’t overly enamored with fractions in your middle school days. Denominator, numerator? Puhleeeeeeeze. But your skin loves fractions, at least when they’re provided by our Fraxel DUAL laser at Dr. Kearney’s. We use our Fraxel DUAL platform to improve our patient’s sun damage, areas of hyperpigmentation, and overall texture. In this […]

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Fraxel Those Skin Issues Away

The Fraxel Laser has quite a following in the aesthetic world. As the original laser skin resurfacing treatment platform, it can seem like Fraxel is so 2000s. Well, the original Fraxel laser did debut in 2004; it was the first treatment that sought to use the skin’s wound-healing mechanisms to improve the skin. Today, Fraxel […]

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Not Neo and Morpheus. Morpheus8 and Better Skin.

OK, so you were kind of into The Matrix trilogy back at the turn of the new century, so Morpheus to you is the Lawrence Fishburne character leading the fight against the Machines. Your skin says it’s time to move on; that was 20 years ago, after all. Your skin is more interested in Morpheus8, […]

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Fractional Resurfacing with Radiowaves

Fractional laser resurfacing is not a new procedure. It has been around for about 15 years. The concept is to create hundreds of tiny punctures in the skin to initiate a healing response. The problem with laser fractional resurfacing has been extended periods to resolve the redness that is a byproduct of the laser energy […]

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Vampires Would Still Have Wrinkles

Living in idyllic San Diego, we all know the dangers of the sun’s UV rays. With all the warnings, you’d think we should all live in a cave like Gollum, never seeing the sun. Living next to an underground lake would lessen sun damage on the skin, but there is another side of skin aging […]

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Crotons Aren’t Just for the Yard

While you may have a Croton bush in your yard here in sunny San Diego, we offer Croton oil from a different Croton plant to dramatically improve your skin. Our Croton oil peels use oil from the Croton tiglium tree that is native to India. These peels rejuvenate the skin, addressing wrinkles around your eyes […]

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TCA Peeling Away Your Sun Damage

Living in beautiful, sunny San Diego, we all have sun damage. Well, maybe not that odd neighbor who you suspect of being a vampire, but the rest of us for sure! Dr. Kearney uses trichloracetic acid to peel away some this sun damaged skin, along with fine lines and wrinkles, and brown spots. While using […]

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The Sound of Skin Tightening — Ultherapy

When you think of ultrasound you probably think of a pregnant young couple in the doctor’s office looking at a screen as the technician uses ultrasound waves to check the health of the fetus. And usually while they’re at it they, by accident, they discover the sex of the baby! At Dr. Kearney’s we use […]

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Croton Oil Your Way to Better Skin

Aging, sun damage, wrinkling around your eyes and mouth, acne scars, and skin pigmentation issues don’t present a pretty picture to others. Everyone, from Ponce de Leon to you, wants to present a younger, more vibrant appearance. A croton oil peel with Dr Kearney can do that. What is a croton oil peel? You may […]

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We’ve Moved!

As of Monday, March 1st, 2021 our new address is:
4510 Executive Drive, Suite 103,
San Diego, CA 92121
We’re now in the building just next door to our old one. Instead of turning right off of Executive Drive, you’ll now turn left to go through the parking gate. Although we won’t have reserved spots there is WAY more parking on this side. Our office is on the main floor down the hall to your left when you enter the 4510 building.
Our phone number will be the same: 858.677.9352. We look forward to seeing  you soon!