The Rhinoplasty Decision: Is It For You?

rhinoplastyAside from the eyes and lips, the nose is the facial feature that most people will initially notice. As a central feature in the face, the nose plays a large role in promoting facial balance and symmetry. A slight alteration in the nose can throw off facial symmetry and make you look older than you are.

Nose-enhancement surgery, rhinoplasty, by Dr. Kearney can help fix cosmetic flaws in the nose such as a droopy nasal tip, nasal humps and bumps, a bulbous tip, and wide nostrils. Since a rhinoplasty is one of the most delicate surgical cosmetic procedures, the decision to have the procedure should be carefully considered and evaluated.

When thinking about rhinoplasty, we recommend that you thoroughly consider the following:

Your expectations
Like all types of cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty will not change the way you look. This type of surgery is aptly referred to as nose enhancement because it will not help you achieve perfection but rather improve the appearance of your nose. The good thing about rhinoplasty is how a subtle change during surgery can dramatically enhance overall appearance.

Potential risks and complications
All forms of cosmetic surgery have their own sets of potential risks and complications. Knowledge of the potential risks and complications will help you sufficiently prepare for the surgery and possibly shorten the recovery period.

Excellent surgical skills by your surgeon do not guarantee favorable outcomes. Additionally, healing and recovery are influenced by a combination of factors such as the quality of nasal cartilage, general state of health, and degree of skin elasticity.

Your rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Kearney
Dr. Kearney’s approach in rhinoplasty is to consider each patient’s unique features and aesthetic goals before formulating a customized rhinoplasty plan. We invite you to talk to Dr. Kearney or one of our staff to learn more about facial rejuvenation procedures like rhinoplasty. Call 1-800-671-1951 to set up an appointment.

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