You Lost the Weight, Now Lose the Saggy Thighs and Bottom

Losing weight is hard to do; losing lots of weight is even harder! But you’ve done it. And what is your reward? Saggy thighs and a droopy butt due to the excess skin. It can make it seem that losing the weight wasn’t worth it!

Fortunately, a butt and thigh lift from Dr. Kearney can tighten things up!

Why the sagging?

When you gain and then lose a good deal of weight, your skin first expands and then contracts back down. The problem is, if the weight was there long enough, the skin loses much of its elasticity and cannot recoil back down to its former degree of tautness. This is the difference, for instance, between weight gained for nine months of pregnancy vs. long-term weight gain and then loss. Women can usually regain their former contour after pregnancy, but not after longer term carrying of the weight.

Lift that bottom and those thighs

Buttock Lift & Thigh LiftBecause the target areas are so closely related, a buttock lift and thigh lift are often performed together by Dr. Kearney. In the combination procedure, the incision extends from the groin crease at the top of the thigh, around the crease between the legs, and along the buttock crease line to your outer thigh. Excess skin is removed and the skin is released and lifted, anchoring and tucking the skin into the groin crease on either side of the pubic area. Excess buttock tissue can be used to enhance your buttocks if they have flattened due to your weight loss.

The goal is to remove excess skin and achieve a more tightly contoured appearance.

Recovery and scarring

Patients will wear compression garments to reduce swelling and help the body adapt to its new contour. There will be bruising and swelling, but that will run its course within three weeks. Most patients return to work 10 to 14 days after their procedure. Strenuous activity will need to wait for six weeks, though.

There will be scarring, as there is any time you remove excess skin. The scars will lessen with time, but will never fully go away.

If you’ve lost lots of weight and don’t like your sagging thighs and bottom, call Dr. Kearney at 800-671-1951 and let’s discuss a buttock and thigh lift.

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