Fight the Sagging with a Breast Lift

Breast LiftGravity has its pluses — it keeps us from flying off into space, for one — but it sure isn’t kind to our bodies. The constant downward pull wreaks havoc on our skin, our joints, our muscles, and for women, our breasts. Throw in having a couple kids, gaining and losing weight, and the process of natural aging and a woman can wonder what happened to her former perky, high breasts.

A breast lift with Dr. Kearney can turn back the clock and give you back a breast profile of your younger days.

What is a breast lift?

Clinically known as mastopexy, a breast lift is a surgical procedure where Dr. Kearney “lifts” the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the underlying tissue. This will return the breasts to a higher, firmer position on the chest.

Would I be right for a breast lift?

If you’ve had a couple kids (particularly if you breastfed them), if you’ve gained and lost some weight, and if you feel as if your breasts are sagging more than you’d like, a breast lift could be a good procedure for you. If you notice that your nipples are pointing downward, a breast lift will change that.

Some women choose to combine a lift with augmentation, as they feel that they’ve lost some breast volume along with the sagging skin and tissue. While breast lifts don’t reduce a woman’s breast size, they will bring them up to a firmer position, so some women feel as if their breasts can “appear” somewhat smaller. If this is the case, augmentation with your lift could be a good choice.

How is a lift done?

Dr. Kearney will discuss your lift options. There are basically three types of incisions used, depending on your individual situation.

In a concentric lift, the incision is made around your areola on each breast. Obviously, this limited incision limits the amount of tissue and skin that can be removed, so is only appropriate for women with minimal breast sagging.

A standard breast lift uses an incision that starts by circling the areolae and running down to the breast crease at the bottom of the breasts, and then moves out in each direction along the breast creases. This is informally called an anchor incision. The size of the incision provides ample access for removal of a significant amount of breast tissue and skin. This is the method used if the patient’s nipples are pointing downward.

A third incision type, called a lollipop, circles the areola and moves down to the breast crease but ends there. This method is best for patients with moderate sagging.

In most breast lift procedures, the nipple-areola complex is moved to a higher position on the chest, matching the patient’s higher breasts.

If you’d like to consider a breast lift, call our offices at 858-677-9352 and set up a consultation.

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