Crotons Aren’t Just for the Yard

Croton Oil Peel San Diego, CA While you may have a Croton bush in your yard here in sunny San Diego, we offer Croton oil from a different Croton plant to dramatically improve your skin. Our Croton oil peels use oil from the Croton tiglium tree that is native to India. These peels rejuvenate the skin, addressing wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, discoloration of the skin, and superficial acne scarring.

What is a Croton oil peel?

A Croton oil peel is sometimes known as a Hetter peel. It is a modified phenol peel that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, addressing textural changes in the skin. By improving the skin’s deep structures, sun-damaged and wrinkled skin is dramatically improved.

A Croton oil peel tightens the skin, and it improves the appearance of age spots and pigmentation issues. It improves wrinkles around the mouth, furrows on the forehead, and crow’s feet.

What happens during my Croton oil peel?

Croton oil peels are aggressive peels. We often perform a Croton oil peel in conjunction with other procedures with the patient under general anesthesia. Otherwise, the peel can be done with the patient under twilight sedation. The peel takes around one hour to complete.

In most cases, we will put patients on a facial skin care regimen for a few weeks before their peel. This prepares your skin to get the maximum benefit from the peel, and it can help with post-peel redness.

After your peel

The Croton oil peel is a deep peel, so there will be recovery involved. Swelling is severe for the first 24 hours and will decrease to mild swelling by the third day. The peeled skin will want to crust over, but this has to be avoided, so we provide ointment that needs to be applied several times a day to keep the skin moist. You’ll need to wash your face several times a day to also help avoid crusting. Once the skin has healed to the initial procedure, you can wear makeup. This is usually between 7-12 days after your peel. Your skin will stay red for up to two months, but this can be masked with make-up. Most patients can return to work or most typical activities in 7-10 days after their peel.

Your results

With the outer layers peeled away and replaced by new, scarless, undamaged skin, patients see dramatic improvements in pigmentation, sun damage, wrinkles, and acne scarring. Your skin will look younger and healthier, and these changes will last for years. As your skin continues to rebuild, your results will continue to build for a period of up to nine months.

Interested in a Croton peel to improve your skin? Call Dr. Kearney at (858) 677-9352 for a consultation.

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