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Rhinoplasty, San Diego, CA The first recorded nose-enhancement surgery can be traced back to ancient times in Egypt and India. Fast forward to 2019, nose surgery, clinically known as rhinoplasty, is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries. Some patients want to aesthetically improve the appearance of their nose while others want to correct deformities brought about an earlier injury.

First, some statistics. Year-in and year-out, rhinoplasty is one of the top five most-performed cosmetic surgeries worldwide. Brazil typically leads the world. Mexico is second and the U.S. third. Women have this procedure much more frequently than men, roughly a 70/30 breakdown.

Dr. Kearney has extensive experience with this delicate surgery, and he loves helping his patients get a nose they finally really like to see in the mirror every morning!

Whatever your reasons for wanting rhinoplasty, below is a run-through of what’s involved with the procedure:

●Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kearneyis more than just about altering the size and shape of your nose. He will consider all of these factors—your overall facial balance, nasal support, skin elasticity, ethnicity, and medical history.

●A good cosmetic outcome from rhinoplasty is not solely dependent on the skills of your surgeon but also the patient’s healing response, which may be influenced by the state of his or her health and lifestyle habits such as smoking.

●Rhinoplasty can be performed via the open or closed approach. In an open rhinoplasty, the nasal cartilage and surrounding bone structure are exposed, while a closed approach keeps them untouched and unexposed because the incisions are made inside the nose.

●It’s not uncommon for patients to be initially disappointed with the appearance of their nose following rhinoplasty. This is due to the significant amount of swelling post-surgery. You need patience at this time, as swelling can endure, often returning at night even months after your surgery.

Nose surgery with Dr. Kearney can be an immensely satisfying procedure. If you’re thinking about it, call us and let’s talk, (858) 677-9352.

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