Are You Ready for a NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

NeoGraft In just the last few years, the world has seen an incredible evolution in hair restoration methods.

While earlier procedures like the traditional “strip method” of hair restoration were effective, they came with significant downsides like scars, long recovery times, and post-operative discomfort. For many years, that has deterred many potential candidates.

Thankfully, technology has advanced quite a bit since then, and we have the NeoGraft Hair Transplant system, a relatively new offering from the office of Dr. Robert Kearney, M.D.

Advantages of NeoGraft Hair Transplant 

Dr. Kearney administers this minimally invasive procedure with very little discomfort for the patient. In fact, most patients report little to no discomfort at all!

That’s because the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure avoids the need for stitches or staples of any kind.

There is no unsightly linear scar left behind after the process, making recovery time remarkably brief. Most patients find themselves back at work as early as the following day.

The Ideal NeoGraft Candidate

NeoGraft hair transplantation is a breakthrough for those dealing with hair thinning or baldness. Ideal candidates aren’t completely bald; they have hair growth at the back of the scalp, which will serve as the donor site for transplanting follicles.

Starting the procedure at the first signs of thinning yields the best results. So, are you the right fit for NeoGraft?

Picking the Right Moment

Timing is crucial. If you’re dealing with thinning hair, earlier intervention is better as it ensures enough viable follicles for extraction from the donor site. Additionally, consider your current life stage and whether you can accommodate the recovery process, albeit short, in your schedule.

Life After NeoGraft

Post-procedure, expect a marvelously natural-looking head of hair, thanks to the minimally invasive, ‘no touch’ method that ensures follicle survival during transplantation.

Unlike traditional methods, NeoGraft leaves no unsightly linear scar, and it’s compatible with any hairstyle. Patients typically return to work the next day, making it an ideal solution for those seeking discreet treatment and quick recovery.

Take the Next Step With Dr. Robert Kearney

If you’re tired of seeing your hair thinning each day and are ready for a change, a NeoGraft hair transplant could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Dr. Kearney in San Diego, CA, is an expert in this advanced method of restoring hair with natural-looking results. Schedule your consultation today by calling (858) 677-9352.

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