What to Know About an Upper Arm Lift

Cropped,Shot,Of,A,Young,Woman,With,Excess,Fat,On An upper arm lift, known in the industry as a Brachioplasty, effectively reshapes the back part of the upper arm, or the space spanning from the elbow to the shoulder. It works by removing extra skin and tissue to create a more sculpted appearance. It is considered a type of body-contouring surgery done to reshape the body, often after a significant weight loss. The following will outline everything there is to know about an upper arm lift.

Why You Might Be a Good Candidate For an Upper Arm Lift

The skin slowly stretches over time with weight gain. Therefore, if you lose a significant amount of weight either through a lifestyle change alone or with the help of weight-loss surgery, then you will likely find yourself with an abundance of extra skin and tissue hanging off your upper arm area. This is sometimes unkindly called bat wings or bingo wings. If you can relate and have experienced this unpleasant loosening of the skin, then you are likely a good candidate for an upper arm lift.

What Are the Risks Associated with an Upper Arm Lift?

Thankfully, brachioplasty surgery is typically a safe procedure. Of course, your risk factors will vary based on your own personal health, the amount of weight you still have on your body, and other individual factors. If you struggle with wound healing, have damage to the lymphatic tissue, or have infections in the area, then you might be advised against this procedure.

What Other Factors Might Encourage an Upper Arm Lift?

While the body-contouring aspect of this procedure has already been emphasized, it’s also important to note that having loose skin and tissue can not only be harmful to your self-esteem due to its appearance but can also cause additional medical issues. For example, hanging skin can lead to inflammation and rash, which can eventually cause an infection. It is also generally uncomfortable to have loose skin hanging, which can even reduce your ability to get out and about or continue building a healthy lifestyle.

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