Scarless Skin Tightening with FaceTite

By melissa | May 15, 2022

Skin scarring can happen for various reasons, whether it be injury, acne, or aging. After the skin becomes damaged, the body produces collagen to rebuild the surface skin. As this occurs, scars can form on the face.  So, how can you tighten your skin without any side effects or scarring? By using FaceTite, you can […]

Spring without the Age Spots

By melissa | April 15, 2022

This hasn’t been the wettest of winters in San Diego, but there have still been plenty of cold (at least by our thin-blooded standards!) days. That’s why April is a nice month to put those days behind us and get ready to get back to Mission Bay for people watching and San Onofre for our […]

Go Gummy, but Not at World Market

By melissa | March 15, 2022

Everyone loves gummy bears, and World Market has tons of them from across the globe in their delectable candy section. Dr. Kearney’s patients love gummy bears, too, as in gummy bear implants. These implants that were first approved by the FDA in 2012 have what is termed “more cohesive” silicone gel. You could call it […]

The Cool that is CoolSculpting

By melissa | February 14, 2022

Winters in San Diego aren’t exactly on a par with, say, Buffalo. But we can still feel the need for our down jackets on a February 53-degree morning. Don’t judge, Buffaloans! A San Diego winter does mean no beach time, unless you’re donning a wetsuit up at San Onofre or something! That makes this a […]

Men Want Younger Eyes Too

By wpengine | January 15, 2022

Men and women’s bodies can age in different ways. But one area that is common to both is our eyes. Whether it’s due to the thin skin around our eyes and on our eyelids, or whether it’s because our eyes are constantly exposed to the sun, surf, and wind here in San Diego — no […]

Get a Little Boost through the Holidays

By wpengine | December 15, 2021

Now that we’ve mostly put this stubborn virus in the rearview mirror, the holidays promise to be their usual crazed collection of social events. We’ve already had the food coma of Thanksgiving, but now it’s on to the real party time when we have office parties, family get togethers, dinners with friends, and all sorts […]

Deck the Halls with Botox

By wpengine | November 30, 2021

Last year’s holiday party season was pretty much a washout thanks to COVID, but this year should be back in full deck-the-halls spirit! It’ll be great to see everyone in person again. After all, how many jigsaw puzzles can a person do?  So, are you ready for a return to the office holiday party, the […]

Fall’s a Good Time for the Demise of Unwanted Hair

By wpengine | November 15, 2021

Did you find yourself cursing repeatedly this summer in San Diego when you tried to tame the hair on your bikini line or underarms in preparation for weekend out at Mission Beach? Shaving, plucking, waxing — it’s an endless cycle of annoyance and irritated skin.  Now that we’re entering our “winter” of sorts here in […]

Implants Placed through the Armpit

By wpengine | October 30, 2021

It can seem hard to imagine placing breast implants without needing an incision either on the breasts or at the breast crease beneath the breast, but there are actually two other incision options, the transaxillary method and the transumbilical method (TUBA). In this blog, we’ll discuss the transaxillary method.  What is transaxillary breast augmentation? If […]

Are Your Breasts Asymmetrical?

By wpengine | October 15, 2021

Although our bodies are miracles of science, they’re far from perfect. In line with this, having breasts that aren’t even is more the norm than the exception. It’s estimated that at least one half of all women have uneven breasts. But it can make a woman feel self-conscious when in a swimsuit. That’s no good […]

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