Feel Beautiful Through Body Contouring

In today’s world, you are really busy. Between work and family, it’s hard to find time for anything extra; let alone that extra time each day to take care of your body. But you should be your first priority! After all, you are nothing without your health. Not only that, but you have a right to look and feel beautiful. Luckily for you, the technology of beauty is here and rapidly developing. Use that to your advantage to help take care of yourself!

Robert Kearney MD also believes that technology and innovation are an essential part of helping you feel and look Body contouring your best. That’s why here at our office we perform a number of plastic surgeries. It’s all to help you get the results you want and deserve.

What Body Contouring Reveals

Body contouring is all about reshaping your body. Sometimes you might feel like certain parts need to be enhanced or altered in order to reveal your ultimate beauty. And that’s okay! That is what we are here for. Body contouring uses techniques of skin grafting and plastic surgery. Possible procedures include:

  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast augmentation
  • Buttock lift
  • Upper arm lift

Often, these areas (and more) need to be reshaped through excessive weight gain, although weight loss could also be at fault. Whatever the reason, you will meet with our surgeons and discuss at length with them how you want to look and what body parts need to be reshaped. The surgical procedure is usually accompanied by a strict food plan and nutritional restrictions to help slow post-surgery weight gain. You don’t want to undo everything the doctors just did for you! Although the surgeons can work miracles on your body, full success from the procedure is only guaranteed through maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If your mirror is whispering that something about your body needs to change, call us today to set up an appointment with Dr. Kearney! He will be able to talk you through your options and what is best for your body and spirit. Reveal and enjoy your true beauty.

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