Go Mini with Your Sagging Lower Face

Everything seems bigger some days. Restaurants serve bigger portions. People live in bigger houses. Everyone wants the bigger car.

But some things are perfect mini size. That’s certainly true of Dr. Kearney’s mini facelifts, a surgical procedure that addresses wrinkles and sagging skin on the lower third of the face. Our mini facelift restores definition to the chin area, removing excess skin and tightening underlying muscle.

Why a mini facelift?

Mini Facelift Mini facelifts, sometimes called “weekend facelifts” although this is somewhat of a misnomer, have surpassed full facelifts in popularity. Why? Other than the smaller incisions and overall impact of the procedure, a mini facelift addresses some of the most irritating signs of aging. Whether due to genes or hormonal changes, most people lose definition in the chin area. A mini facelift directly addresses this.

A mini facelift is performed as an outpatient procedure, so anesthesia risks are not the same as a full facelift. Also, there is minimal scarring, making for a faster recovery.

The procedure

Dr. Kearney makes your incisions just in front of the ears extending from the bottom of your earlobes to your hairline behind the ears. The length and pattern of your incisions will be determined by your particular needs. Next, Dr. Kearney pulls your skin up and out toward your ears to reduce sagging skin and jowls, and to remove wrinkles. Because more than just the skin ages, the underlying muscles and fat tissues are also lifted to enhance your natural contours and return them to a higher position. The muscle tissue is sutured into place with permanent sutures and the incisions are closed with removable sutures.


Although not as involved as a recovery from a full facelift, a mini facelift still isn’t a walk in the park. Some patients are able to return to work as early as a one week after their surgery, but others need a few weeks to fully recover. Swelling and the appearance of your final results may take months to fully resolve.

Want to get rid of that sagging in your lower face? Call Dr. Kearney at (858) 677-9352 and set up a consultation for a mini facelift.

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