Tighter Necks for Thanksgiving

neck lift A loose giggly neck? At this time of year that can only mean one thing — turkey!

Wait, you’ve a loose giggly neck? Well, so as not to be confused with said bird, let’s do something about it. Let’s have Dr. Kearney perform a neck lift!

What’s wrong with my neck?

Gravity and aging are not kind to our necks. Believe it or not, our neck is generally one of the first places on the body to really show aging. A couple things are at work here. First, our muscles become less taut as we age. On the neck this shows itself with lovely neck bands. Second, our skin loosens as we age and our bodies stop producing as much collagen. And where our skin usually has bone and muscle structure under it to support it, on the neck the skin is simply hanging downward. No wonder it’s drooping after decades of existence!

People forget their necks

What’s interesting is that people are always concerned about their faces and aging. They may opt for a facelift, or a brow lift, maybe both. They may opt for fillers and Botox to fight back the ongoing march of wrinkles.

But they tend to stop at the chin, and this can be a glaring mistake. After all, in a tank top, while your face may be rejuvenated, if you’ve overlooked your neck, there will be an odd demarcation line. Dr. Kearney performs neck lifts to keep up with those facial procedures.

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a facial plastic surgery procedure that addresses loose neck skin, excess fat under the chin, excess skin and sagging skin in the lower face, and muscle banding on the neck. In a neck lift, Dr. Kearney removes excess fat and skin, but also tightens the underlying muscles. A good candidate for a neck lift has most of their facial aging showing on the lower part of the face.

How does Dr. Kearney do a neck lift?

The most common technique involves making incisions around the bottom of the ears, extending into the hairline. The skin and muscle tissue is then lifted upward and outward in the neck and lower cheeks. Excess skin is removed.

For patients without too much excess skin, Dr. Kearney makes the incision under the chin. He removes excess fat with liposuction and tightens the muscles to improve the contour.

Don’t be a like a turkey this Thanksgiving, get a neck lift with Dr. Kearney. Call us at 800-671-1951 to schedule your consultation.

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