Take the Sag Out of Your Eyelids

Eyelid Lift San Diego & La Jolla, CA You don’t want sagging when you’re making a soufflé. You don’t want to find an area in your yard that is sagging (hello, sinkhole!). You don’t want the Padres to be sagging in the second half of the season.

And you don’t want your eyelids to sag. That’s why you want Dr. Kearney to do a little eyelid surgery and take a decade off the age of your face.

Blepharoplasty’s the name

If you want to get all clinical, you could call it blepharoplasty. That’s the medical term for eyelid surgery. When your eyelids stretch with time — both the skin and the muscles controlling them — you can look tired all the time, you can look older, and the sagging can even block your vision.

An eyelid lift removes excess skin, tightens underlying muscles, repositions fat, and makes your eyes looks a decade younger.

How does Dr. Kearney do his eyelid magic?

You can have eyelid surgery done on just the upper or lower eyelid, or on both. For the upper eyelid, Dr. Kearney makes the incision in the natural fold of the lid. He then tightens the muscles and removes excess fat. The last step is to trim excess skin.

On the lower eyelid, there are two options for the incision. It can be made just beneath the eyelash or on the inside of the eyelid. Again excess skin is removed, and the muscles are tightened. Dr. Kearney is very careful removing fat from the lower eyelid, as removing too much fat can leave the patient with a hollowed out appearance.


When compared to other cosmetic procedures such as a tummy tuck or thigh lift, eyelid surgery recovery is a piece of cake. There will be some bruising and swelling, but we’ll give you a compress to use and if you’re diligent with it swelling will be minimal. Also, there isn’t a great deal of pain. You’ll have your stitches removed in a week, and you’ll already be looking pretty good. Most patients can begin wearing contacts again in about a week, same for going back to work.

Subtle results

One great thing about blepharoplasty is that the results are dramatic, yet subtle. People who don’t know you’ve had surgery will know you somehow look younger and more vibrant, but they won’t have any idea why. They’ll simply be jealous!

Want to take a decade or more off your eyes? Call Dr. Kearney at (858) 677-9352 to schedule your consultation.

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